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About Multibricks

Started by our founder, Yuvraj Goyal, Multibricks has been working hard to provide the best real estate investments for the people in the region. Every personnel hired by us on the team have years of experience in this field. Our founder as such has more than 12 years of experience in helping out the people with their real estate needs. What started out as a small agency is now slowly transforming into one of the sought after real estate agencies in the region. Thanks to the support and help from the staff and the clients, we have been able to come a long way from where we started.

The company was started with an eye on a particular vision and mission that we have create for the future of the company.

Whether you are a real estate agent looking to build a website for your company or a web developer seeking a perfect WordPress theme for your next project, you are certain to appreciate the numerous features and benefits that our theme provides.

This is not a theme that only takes care of the front of a real estate business. This is also a WordPress-based property management system which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, coordinate your agents, accept submissions and offer membership packages.


 Our vision is to provide the best service and guidance to our clients making their investments in real estate and to help them manage their assets for securing their future.

Meet our team

 Our mission is quite simple, as all our services are directed towards client satisfaction. We are able to provide the best service when it comes to real estate, for we try to create the perfect balance in the relationship between our agents and our clients.

We majorly deal in all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial properties for our clients who come from various walks of life. Our clientele includes people from various esteemed professions including lawyers and engineers. Having served over more than 1000 clients right from the start, we have dealt with people from all social statuses, that is, we have catered to the needs of the low, medium and the high-class people.

Along with the purchase of new properties, Multibricks provides assistance for the clients in getting the spaces for a rent or a lease. All transaction made by us are in compliance with the laws put forth by the government. As we primarily deal with the retail investments and group buying, we are able to provide the spaces at the most competitive prices in the market.

Apart from the general purchase or renting of properties, Multibricks provides help for renovation of your existing spaces.

Once you contact us with you needs, our renovation service personnel would get in touch with you and you can get a consult for the process. For an existing client of our company, we are able to provide the renovation services at the cheapest rates.