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Signature global Karnal offered Villa Apartments

Basic Information

Over the two last decades, architecture in Karnal has achieved absurd transformations. The lacks of profitability of the industries on the one hand and the sanctions imposed on the other have exacerbated an already high real estate market in the Karnal.

After having identified their properties as promising investment areas, Signature global Karnal with lots as small as 200 m2 (the smallest plots in the city) has demolished their single-family houses and develop them into middle-class apartments with four and five floors. As a result, the city is now facing an increasing number of fill projects whose aesthetic challenges, in general, are reduced to envelop design.

In this Signature global Karnal project, the site is at the prime location and is surrounded by other buildings. It has no street view and is not visible to passers-by. It is a project without a prominent facade, and therefore insignificant for most architects.

Approaching Design

To face the unique design challenges of this Signature global Karnal project we propose the following methods:

Creating a view for a project without views

Located at the prime location and enclosed between other buildings, the main face of the project faces a high 18-meter concrete wall.

Inspired by the popular children’s story, ‘The Last Leaf’, and using the talent of a street artist, we decided to paint a landscape on the concrete wall and create a new view for the inhabitants.

Signature Global Karnal

Use of recycled material from the land

The project had to replace an old brick building that existed on the site. The idea for the material of the facade comes from the reuse of the bricks of the old building.

When the demolish work was completed, the bricks were classified and used in the facade and parts of the building.

Design of the facade

Taking into account that the observable facade from the alley is about 3 meters wide, the design of the progressive mass is intended to invite passers-by to the building.

Essential Services

As we all are well aware of when we are looking for a residential apartment then the main concern is the availability of various essential services in the near vicinity. A few of the essential services are:

1 Railway station

2 Bus stand

3 Banks

4 Schools

5 Hospitals

6 Police Stations

7 Markets

8 Parks etc.

Planning of Signature global Karnal project is done keeping all these parameters in special consideration. Every resident will have a close access to all daily essential services.

Grab your dream house

Don’t waste times check your bank accounts and get your dream house booked with Signature global Karnal project, only limited units are available. If you don’t have full money with your bank please be patient we have many banks and private financers with us who always give very attractive offers to get your house book.

Contact us through our website or email and visit us personally and realize your dream house.


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